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In the mid-fifties of the last century, António Ribeiro and his wife Maria do Céu began their agricultural project with the acquisition of the S. Tiago farm with a seventeenth-century manor house in the parish of Vila Marim and Quinta da Portela , in the parish of Barqueiros, near the first Pombaline mark that marks the beginning of the Demarcated Region of the Douro. Both in the municipality of Mesão Frio.

In 1980, one of her daughters, Teresinha Ribeiro, married to Eduardo Miranda, began the reconversion work in the vineyards of the estates, which a few years later, by inheritance and purchase, would have been in luck.

With professions outside the agricultural scope, the strategy adopted was to sell the productions to the export houses and to make small productions for local consumption and in bulk.

They came the children Roberto, Ricardo, Rafael and Rudolfo, who were progressively doing their academic training with a majority incidence in the management and winemaking aspects.

This was the impetus that was needed for the parents to come to the realization of the dream that was feeding them: to see in bottles a product of excellence from their plots.

In order to obtain this desiderato they acquired in Loureiro Quinta de Sequeirós, where the cellar is installed; in the Cima Corgo, the Quinta d 'Além Tanha (vineyards over forty) and lastly and more recently Quinta do Farfão, a valuable property of the Upper Douro.

It is the feeling of the family, that the conditions for the production of sublime nectars, representative of the best that can be obtained from the disparate Douro vineyards, are met.

The first essay now arrives, to the delight of tasting the consumer, to the market under the designation of "Mãos", in analogy to the laborious work of the vineyards to the bottle, to the concept that guides the constitution of the family company and hand in hand towards the future and the excellence.

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