Dão is a Portuguese wine region situated in the demarcated region of Dão, located in the north center region of Portugal in the sub region of Dão-Lafões.Dão wine is produced in a mountainous soil, with a temperate climate, crossed by Rio Mondego and Dão River.The wine region is located primary on the plateau, sheltered by granite mountain ranges of star saw, serra caramulo and serra da nave, and has a climate away from the Atlantic Ocean, but with abundant rainfall in the winter months and long warm dry summers.The Dão wine has several varieties of indigeneous grapes, with the majority of wine production being made from the Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Jaen Alfrocheiro Preto, and Encruzado.The Dão region produces 80% red wine, where 20% of the production is Touriga Nacional.The red wines from Dão Region tend to be very tannic due to the prolong periods of winemaking, but the style has been improved to prevail fruit-forward with smoother tannins, and white wines more fresh, fruity and fragant.The followingDão wines selection is composed by White Wine, produced exclusively from white grapes juice, and the consumption is ideal with light meals and aperitifs.White wines are more refreshing, lighter in both style and taste, and are ideal to drink in the spring and summer occasions.