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Comenda Grande

This farm reference Margiochi house, inherited by Mrs. Maria Madalena de Noronha and her husband King John, is now continued by his daughter Maria de Lourdes SA de Noronha Lopes her husband Eng. António Lopes and children, with a 750ha , about 36 ha are red varieties and 7 ah white varieties, favored to the most outstanding varieties of Alentejo, Trincadeira and Aragonez in paints and Arinto and Antão Vaz in white, along with other less often than were considered able to be a more value in differentiating terms and are the Alfrocheiro, the Caiada ink, the Alicante Bouschet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Touriga Nacional, Syrah and the Berry in paints and Verdelho, Sauvignon Blanc and wardrobe in white. Whether in the vineyard by selecting varieties and strict monitoring and control of production, whether in the cellar, through appropriate technology featuring modern technology and its judicious use, "drew up" a wine profile that want to leverage the best conditions in which we sought the elegance and harmony of caste factors and "terroir" and that simultaneously meets the current consumer expectations.

Comenda Grande

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