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CA Távora

The Agricultural Cooperative of Távora CRL, is located in the demarcated region of "Távora - Varosa", inserted between the region of the Douro and Dão. Given its unique conditions - granitic soils, primary and poor in limestone, high altitude, temperate continental climate, among others - makes it translate in a privileged place in the production of apple and wine. The binomial climate / soil make this region the most appropriate, at national level, for the production of apple, where stands the much loved variety "Bravo Esmolfe". For white wines, the natural acidity, intense aroma and citrus character, bright and fresh, create special emphasis, so that we can say, treat yourself in the region par excellence where white wine is unique conditions to rise to highest level of quality. Similarly, red wines, come check this delicate aroma and nobility of the body, reaching a remarkable "flavor" with time.

CA Távora

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