The Aveleda is a name with multiple generations. The first bottled wine sales records date back to 1870, by the hand of Manuel Pedro Guedes (1837-1899), known for its strong entrepreneurial vocation and considered the founder of the business as we know it today. His work bore fruit and the quality of wines from Aveleda began to be recognized, as evidenced by the gold medals in international competitions snatched from Berlin (1888) and Paris (1889).
Today the company continues to belong 100% to the family Guedes, always committed to maintaining this family legacy that has gone through several generations. Son of Manuel Pedro Guedes, Fernando Guedes da Silva da Fonseca (1871-1946) continued the work of his Father, significantly increasing the productive capacity of the farm. He was followed by seven children, and Roberto Van-Zeller Guedes (1899-1966) led the family business, devoting his whole life to work in Aveleda. The 4th generation is composed of the six children of Robert Van-Zeller Guedes: Fernando, Luis, Antonio, Maria Isabel, Maria Helena and Roberto - who now manage the company's destinations together with the next generation: 14 cousins ​​who make up the 5th generation .


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