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Ricardo Guerra

Quinta das Hydrangeas is a good example of a very current trend - a great respect for tradition inherited with an opening to new technologies. It is a wine estate inserted in full the Douro Region, which knew how to keep the harmony of the landscape maintaining its ancient walls of shale and the original architectural feature of an old warehouse adapted to new requirements of functionality.  Quinta das Hydrangeas has a long tradition in wine production. The farm also known as Quinta dos Montes was owned in the nineteenth century, D. Antonia Adelaide Ferreira, the legendary Ferreirinha, a unique figure in Portuguese viticulture, compelling and unforgettable when it comes to the Douro. Hidrângeas The name is due to the fact that these flowers have been planted by the current owner around the old store, a new and currently restored modern cellar. The wines from Quinta Hydrangeas today are also the result of the current job owner Henry James Pinto, who dedicated 50 years of his life to perfecting what is now the new generation of Thursday, his daughters and grandson, Ricardo Guerra, are proud to continue.

Ricardo Guerra

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