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Barão de Vilar Vinhos SA

Barão de Vilar – Vinhos, SA is the most recent company of Port wine, established in January 1996 from a small stock of wine bought by Fernando Luis van Zeller and given to his sons Fernando and Álvaro. The company’s institutional name recovers a noble title granted by the Queen of Portugal D. Maria II to Cristiano Nicolau Kopke, the 1st Baron of Vilar, back in 1836, which remains, by legacy, in the family’s rightful heir possession. Before Barão de Vilar – Vinhos SA was built, the van Zellers were owners of Quinta do Noval, one of the most iconic and renowned estates of the Port Wine business sector and from where comes the mythical "Vintage 1931 Nacional”, considered one of the two best wines of the world in the 20th Century by Wine Spectator magazine.It was also at Quinta do Noval that the current winemaker of Barão de Vilar – Vinhos SA, Álvaro van Zeller, initiated his professional career in the wine industry.  

Barão de Vilar Vinhos SA

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