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Vale DAlgares

Vale D'Algares stands in full Ribatejo Vineyard as a modern approach for the worship of the vine and wine .Has a storage area, technical area, storage and cold storage for wine making white wines. In addition to the winery, there are caves that unfold over 2 floors, holding a stage area for barrels, living room with bottling line, private cellar and room Vale D'Algares. The vineyards occupy a 31-hectare area where irrigation is controlled by raising and lowering the water table in order to get the best fruit. The harvest is made to 18kg boxes kept at low temperatures in the cellar.
There is performed a new selection of clusters, followed by the choice of the berries in order to maintain the full intensity of aromas and flavors that have varieties. The fermentation takes place in vats, stainless steel vats and traditional stone mills

Vale DAlgares

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