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Terras D AlterCo.Vinhos Lda.

Terras de Alter, Companhia de Vinhos, Lda. is made up of Sociedade Agrícola das Antas, Sociedade Agrícola do Monte Barrão (companies with an extensive agricultural tradition in the Portalegre district of the Alto Alentejo region) and Pink Living, a company belonging to oenologist Peter Bright. The first two companies decided to join forces, and to complete their project they established a close connection with Peter Bright, who has an extensive CV in the field of production and international marketing of wine. Terras de Alter, Companhia de Vinhos, Lda. uses grapes produced by its partner companies in the Alter do Chão and Fronteira region, though it also sources grapes from suppliers in the Alto Alentejo according to its specific needs.With the goal of acquainting the world with Portuguese wines, Terras de Alter’s aim is to introduce premium quality Alentejo wine into the international market. Its target markets are mainly Europe and the United States.

Terras D AlterCo.Vinhos Lda.

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