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Solar Bouças Soc Vitinicola SA

Produced and bottled in the fifth, the Vinho Verde "Solar of Bouças" uses exclusively grapes grown on the property.
The approximately 34 hectares of total area of the farm, 24 are filled with vines fitting to Loureiro the largest share: 20 hectares. The remaining 4 are shared by Alvarinho, 2.5 hectares planted at the entrance of the fifth and Arinto grape, known in the region as Pedernã. With regard to the type of crop used in the fifth, live two drive systems: the unilateral cord and the trellis or pergola deployed, used mainly on unproductive areas of the property (such as roads and paths).So was born at the hands of Álvaro van Zeller, a cool wine light and harmonious features, fruity and undeniable excellence.

Solar Bouças Soc Vitinicola SA

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