Over time, the Raposeira earned a solid market position, thanks to the high quality of the produced sparkling. This quality earned him the almost permanent leadership of the national level.
It is with extreme care, high professionalism and a strict quality control that Raposeira selects, transports and vinifies grapes. Each production step is closely monitored by winemakers, whose scientific knowledge consolidates a century of experience.The second fermentation takes place in the bottle by the traditional method champenoise or traditional method. Thus, the wine and the natural yeasts develop a careful process of evolution where humidity conditions, light and temperature are critical.The of "riddling" operations, "degorgement" and licorização, always at the hands of those who know, complete the process of creating these sparkling and give it the final touch of distinction.The Raposeira sparkling keep the intense nature of Beira Douro region, sublimate the unmistakable taste of its nectars and are the fruit of the persistence of its people.


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