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Quinta do Vale Meao

In 1877 D. Antonia Adelaide Ferreira, already owns the largest agricultural heritage of the Douro, bought at auction 300 acres of virgin land to NV camera Coa. His dream was to build from scratch a modeling operation, implementing it across the vast experience accumulated over the life of Douro businesswoman. This ambitious project has been fully carried out between 1887 (stone's writing photo) and 1895. It was the last and most significant achievement of that lady, that however little of it came, for he died in 1896. Since then the fifth has always remained in the possession of his descendants. From 70 your great-great grandson of Francisco Javier Olazabal took over its management and began a long process of acquisition of undivided shares of their families and co-owners, and in 1994 became their sons, sole owner of the farm. Until then the grapes of Quinta were sold to the company AA Ferreira SA, founded by the descendants of D. Antonia, and were the basis of some of their best wines. This connection continued until 1998, the year that Francisco Javier de Olazabal decided to resign as president of AA, Ferreira SA to devote along with his son winemaker Francisco Olazabal y Nicolau de Almeida, production, aging and marketing of wines fifth through the creation of society F. Olazabal & Sons, Ltd.

Quinta do Vale Meao

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