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Quinta do Reguengo

Quinta do Reguengo

The first Melgaço of reguengo wine was produced in 2001, the good way after entering the new millennium. One can say que Therefore the Melgaço of reguengo wine is a wine century. XXI of the third millennium, Therefore the Melgaço of reguengo wines have proved intense aroma of wine, very fruity, with a structure and aftertaste que continues to surprise us and delight.
From vines of Albariño, the MELGAÇO OF REGUENGO wines have earned the recognition of journals, English and foreign, Have Been Awarded Numerous in regional teams, national and international competitions, Which include the most respected and Recognized by most professionals of the sector Notified and Consumers . Surrounded by a magnificent vineyard of Alvarinho, bathed in the river Minho, surrounded by green hills que announce the Serra da Peneda - Gerês,  Hotel Reguendo of melgaço 

Quinta do Reguengo

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