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Quinta de Seara Ordens

We were in the late eighteenth century, the Leite family purchased a large tract of land near Seara de Poiares. Its owner, fascinated by the beauty of the place and its excellent location, rapidly invested in the property and planting of vines, olive and almond trees.Years later, his son, despite a career military officer, never stopped worrying about the property and its evolution. However arrived at the barracks commander of Lamego, but still spent much time on their property Seara. During his absence the barracks were sent soldiers to Seara receive orders from the commander. The popular, admired by the passage of soldiers on horseback, said,
-Where Are you?
The soldiers responded:
Come on to the Quinta Seara receive orders from the commander ...
And then, from that time, the site was renamed- "Quinta Seara D'Orders"

Quinta de Seara Ordens

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