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Quinta de Santa Cristina

  Created in 2004 by the common will of different entities, the Agricultural Society of Farm Assurance is dedicated preferably the development and marketing of various products in the field of viticulture. The result of a great passion and dedication of its members by the industry, products prepared and represented by the Farm Assurance prestige the company, enforcing the meaning of his name: Guarantee. Current and main partners, emphasize the family nature that gave rise to it: Antonio Pinto, Rosa Maria Pinto and their daughter, Monica Pinto.  The vast vineyard, with 40 hectares of integrated protection, is situated mostly in Celorico de Basto. It was built from scratch, a cellar at Quinta de Santa Cristina in Celorico de Basto, which will soon allow the visit of all curious and interested. This farm is also the name of the main integral wine product portfolio, in addition to the brand Entourage and Santa Cristina (the latter launched in March 2013, exclusively for the international market). The administrative services are decentralized in relation to Thursday, closing at Leca do Balio.

Quinta de Santa Cristina

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