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Quinta da Romeira

Quinta da Romeira

In 1703, the third Earl of Castelo Melhor, Luis de Vasconcelos e Sousa - protagonist in the marriage contract negotiations between Catherine of Braganza Princess and the King of England Charles II - instituted in honor of the Princess Morgadio Santa Catherina, in which included the Farm Romeira, located in Bucelas.
At the end of the next century, Sir Arthur Wellesley, later the Duke of Wellington, has even stand in the Solar Farm, a trace home sober and aristocratic, catching sight of its Manueline windows the famous lines of towers, which had built the gates Lisbon.
Situated at the heart of one of the oldest wine-exporting regions (mentioned by Shakespeare in Henry VI), Quinta da Romeira started in 1988 a deep Solar restoration project, along with the planting of what is the largest vineyard area Continuous Arinto grape in Portugal, currently with 70 ha, and the construction of a fully designed cellar for the production of white wines of the highest quality.
It is in the Bucelas Arinto grape, benefiting from the unique microclimate of their valley between the sea and the river, reaches its peak in the production of dry wines, with a very refreshing acidity and a full aromatic richness of citrus notes and mineral aromas .

Quinta da Romeira

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