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Quinta do Quetzal

 The Quinta do Quetzal estate is located in the heart of the Baixo Alentejo, on high slopes in Vila de Frades, in Vidigueira. The farm is close to Vila de São Cucufate, a Roman village where the oldest known winery in the Iberian Peninsula was found. At the top of the estate, there is the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadaloupe, one of the sites in the historic pilgrimages of the five Chapels of Vidigueira. The Dutch couple Inge and Cees de Bruin had known Portugal for 30 years and were in love with its country, culture and wines. For a long time they wanted to start a new wine project able to project the history, image and tradition of Alentejo wines both at home and abroad.For the owners, the Quinta do Quetzal estate brings the memories and history of wine production in the Alentejo to new generations, telling its stories in each bottle and carrying on this millennial tradition.

Quinta do Quetzal

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